Hi! I am Karin Waits, and have been a member of Georgetown Family Wellness for over 17 years, and serve as Office Manager and Staff Trainer.  When you come to visit our doctors, I want your experience to be FIVE STAR. Whether you are coming for chiropractic or acupuncture care, we are here to help!

After a bit of paperwork, one of our caring staff will escort you to your consultation with Dr. Felder or Dr. Tranter.

They will carefully review your symptoms and ask you questions about your daily habits like sleep position, work duties, posture, hobbies and past injuries. A gentle and thorough exam will be performed to see if you can be helped. One of the best things about our doctors is they have helped thousands and thousand of patients, but if they don’t think they can help you, they will tell you so.

After our doctors study the results of your examination, you will receive a personal report of findings to outline the goals of your care. At that time, you can decide if you will begin care at our office.

The doctors will perform specific healing techniques tailored to your needs and direct your therapy and exercise care. You will learn how to take charge of your health through our Stay Young Class, and be encouraged and motivated to reach your health goals.

Welcome to the Building!
Chiropractic Office
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