Dr. Audrey VanDeWalle is a native Austinite, second generation chiropractor and a former Division One collegiate athlete. Throughout her practice she has found that she really loves helping people who have chronic pain and injuries – she has become an expert at helping those with headaches, neck, back, and radicular arm and hand pain. She also loves helping those with acute low back injuries, disc problems and leg pain. She has been a trainer for Future Industrial Technologies (F.I.T.)- an injury prevention specialist company which offers training programs specific to clients such as Wells Fargo, Williams Pipeline, and others that lower risk for injury and raises productivity for businesses. She has also worked as a Designated Doctor for Texas Workers’ Compensation Division since 2013.

Dr. Justin Chernivec is a licensed chiropractor serving the Austin and surrounding areas of Texas. It was there during his senior year that the seed of his deep rooted desire to help people without the use of drugs or surgery would be planted. When Dr. Justin was 17 he was involved in a bad car accident that left him unable to walk for a couple weeks. He worked with his chiropractor for an entire year.  The full function of his spine and body was restored. It is because of this that Dr. Justin has the passion to help everyone in the way his chiropractor helped him. During chiropractic school Dr. Justin was able to be a part of an ongoing multiple sclerosis research. He worked for 8 months on this project. He was also the assistant to the clinic outreach director at Texas Chiropractic College’s Moody Clinic. When in clinic, during his final year at Chiropractic College, Dr. Justin spent 8 months doing volunteer outreach himself. He helped at Bridge over Troubled Waters, a shelter for women and children who were having domestic troubles. He was also one of 6 that were selected out of his class to spend 4 months learning and treating athletes at RICE University. Dr. Justin continues to work on his knowledge and techniques to better serve his patients.