All I Can Say is….AMAZING!!!!

“Amazing Doctors! Amazing staff! Amazing results!!!! Georgetown Family Wellness SAVED MY LIFE! 🙂 I am SO Grateful for them!”

– Wendy G.

Chiropractic Keeps Me Going!

“I have had chiropractic care since I was a teenager. Though regular adjustments with Dr. Felder, I am getting healthier not older!”

– Steve T.

Only Thing That’s Helped!

“I am doing SO WELL after chiropractic and acupuncture care at Georgetown Family Wellness. Its the only thing that has helped me with my back pain; I am a true believer!”

– Jane G., Georgetown

Highly Recommend

“Since having kids, I’ve had a lot of back and neck issues.  It seems every time I move or try to keep up with my kids, the pain starts flaring up again.  I was taking pain relief medication constantly and had had enough.  I called Georgetown Family Wellness and they really went above and beyond to help me out.  Ever since going to this office I have felt better and have seen amazing results with their great care.  Thank you for all that you do!”

– Gina R., Sun City

Outstanding Service

“Just wanted to say how great you all have treated me and my family.  We love coming to GFW and really feel at home with your staff.  I wish more doctors had offices like yours.  Keep up the amazing work!”

– Matt B., Georgetown

Low Back and Leg Pain

“I began chiropractic care for lower back and leg pain, and have been on chiropractic wellness care for over 10 years. I hate to think what shape I would be in if not for the excellent care I received at Georgetown Family Wellness.”

– Emma F., Georgetown

Painful Muscle Spasms

“Dr. Felder has taken away my painful neck muscle spasms…she is wonderful!”

– Betty K., Georgetown

Pregnancy and Low Back Pain

“I was about 8 months pregnant with my first child and had horrible lower back pain and was hardly able to stand up, and had to walk very slowly because of the pain. I received maintenance care during my 2nd pregnancy and had no problems and a fast delivery!”

– Erika P., Leander

Better Concentration

“Chiropractic help has helped me concentrate in school. It has helped my handwriting, and I am not so forgetful.”

– Nate M., Georgetown

Foot Pain

“I injured my foot when I fell down running because my baby was crying. After one week with the medical doctor, my foot remained swollen and useless. The very next morning after receiving an adjustment and interferential, my foot felt wonderful again!”

– Sophia B., Georgetown

Acid Reflux

“I had acid reflux, and chiropractic care has completely cured it.”

– Virginia S., Cottonwood Shores

Hip Pain and Headaches

“I had pain in my hip, which my medical doctor prescribed muscle relaxers for, but the pain kept coming back. Since having care here, the pain has not returned in the past year. Also, it’s is great coming to Georgetown Family Wellness and finding relief from my headaches.”

-Melissa F., Pflugerville

Chronic Low Back Pain

“I had a severely injured lower back and had a hard time bending over and even moving around. Since coming to Georgetown Family Wellness, I am moving better with less pain.”

– Brent M., Georgetown

Wellness Care

“Coming to Georgetown Family Wellness for maintenance care helps me stay in good shape.”

– John R., Hutto

More Energy

“Chiropractic gave me energy, which I need with four kids! Yeah!”

– Amy M., Georgetown

A Great Help

“I wouldn’t be alive and moving without my weekly adjustments!”

– Lisa W., Georgetown

Difficult Pregnancy

“I came to Dr. Felder when I was pregnant with my second child, and was having trouble walking…Dr. Felder has kept me functioning and productive!”

– Cindy B., Georgetown

Chiropractic Saved My Life

“When I started going to a chiropractor I was having spasms in my neck and not able to move it, with lots of pain. Within a few months I was feeling so much better. Chiropractic has saved my life.”

– Cheryl W., Georgetown

Running Better

“Chiropractic help has helped me to run better. It has also helped me clean my room without back pain… My mother loves it. : )”

– McKayla M., Georgetown

Feeling Good

“I haven’t felt this good in years. And it didn’t take very long to get back into balance and better posture. Thanks!”

– Jo A., Georgetown

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

“I had Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and was afraid surgery might by in my future. However, the symptoms have subsided tremendously since coming as scheduled.”

– Janice H., Georgetown

Standing Straight

“Chiropractic has helped me stand up straight. It sounds funny, but it is amazing to just naturally not slump over. We – my whole family is thrilled.”

– Amy M., Georgetown

Caring Staff, Exceptional Doctors

“Chiropractic is great when you’re pregnant, and all the rest of the time too. The staff is caring and both Dr. Tranter and Dr. Felder go above and beyond expectations. Thanks for everything you do!”

– Joanna W., Georgetown

Changed Outlook

“They really helped me manage pain, avoid surgery and changed my outlook on life. What else could I want?!”

– Kaye H., Georgetown

Pinched Nerve

“A pinched nerve in my back brought me to Georgetown Family Wellness. I got immediate relief with my first adjustment.”

– Janice H., Georgetown

Family Care

“Regular visits has helped my family and me in numerous ways!”

– Sharon H., Cedar Park

Keeping in Shape!

“I couldn’t stand up! After all those years of blacksmithing, the abuse finally caught up. Dr. Pat has kept me in “smithing form” ever since. She even helped me give up my allergy medications. Bravo!”

– Nick B., Georgetown

A Good Experience

“I had not had the best experience with chiropractors. It seemed that none that I had been to had taken the time to truly understand my health problem. So, hesitatingly I came to Georgetown Family Wellness hoping to get relief from a very painful tailbone. Since my initial care, and for the past 15 months, my tailbone has not given me any problems. In addition, the doctors have given me proper training to keep my neck loose and strong.”

– Jay S., Hutto


“Dr. Felder and Dr. Tranter have always helped us to find information on our son’s health issues and work with whatever came up. Thank you both!”

– W. Family, Georgetown

I’m a Believer

“I walked into Georgetown Wellness with a major problem! My lower disc was injured and I was in pain, frustrated with no understanding of how this could happen. My husband talked me into coming to see Dr. Tranter and Dr. Felder. He has much faith in both of them. Now I too am a believer of chiropractic wellness and I am grateful for Dr. Felder and Dr. Tranter’s guidance, professionalism, and willingness to help one feel good. Thank you and all your staff for all that you do. Georgetown family wellness is a team effort!”

– Amanda H., Round Rock

My Body Works Better Now

“When “they” say cleaning is dangerous, “they” are right! I pulled my lower back and hip. Drs. Tranter and Felder also found my spine to have two unnatural bends. After having adjustments, I feel better all over, can get up and down, and do not have such severe headaches. Thanks to Georgetown Family Wellness, my body does a better job!”

– Cynthia H., Georgetown


“I was very dizzy and could not walk well. With acupuncture, I would say I am 90 % better – maybe more.

What I Tell Others: Try it – you’ll like it.”

– Shirley K., Georgetown

Painful Condition

“When I began acupuncture with Dr. Tranter, I was sick with chronic back and abdominal pain and on a very limited diet because of Interstitial Cystitis (a severely painful bladder condition with no know cure.)  I received pain relief with the first treatment! After about 6 weeks, I was able to exercise without pain and eat foods that used to cause pain. Although the pain isn’t completely gone, I am able to tolerate what pain I do have. I can now eat just about anything without taking pain medication!

What I Tell Others: By using acupuncture, your body is able to heal itself from the inside-out. You have nothing to lose because you will only benefit from it!”

– Krista N., Georgetown

She Was Near Amputation

“I was at the point of amputation! After acupuncture, the severe arthritis pain in my right hand has been reduced by 90-95%.

What I tell others: Acupuncture is ‘Easy-Peasy’ – absolutely nothing to it. Come in, lay down and relax. It’s a very gentle treatment considering the pain I had.”

– Tricia E., Georgetown

Keep an Open Mind

“Through acupuncture, my overall wellness has improved – I just feel better.

What I tell others: Keep an open mind. I always wanted to try acupuncture. So when the opportunity presented itself, I took a chance to see if it would work; I am glad I did. That’s what is great about trying new things. I will now recommend acupuncture every chance I get.”

– Mark McC., Georgetown

Pain Relief in Three Visits

“I started acupuncture for a terrible shoulder and arm pain after lung surgery. After three treatments, my pain was almost gone.

What I tell others: I was skeptical at first. Whoever heard of needles in your body doing any good? But it works wonders and it doesn’t hurt!”

– Patti B., Georgetown

Keeps Me in Balance

“Adjustments make me feel better and the acupuncture keeps me in balance. Thank you all!”

– Deborah M., Georgetown

All Around Improvement

“Fewer headaches, better sleep, great & successful pregnancies and less anxiety.”

– Rose M., Austin

Golf Better

“No more (elbow) inflammation from my golf swing! I smile more!”

– Jerry P., Georgetown

Kudos to the Doctor

“Dr Tranter does a Great Job!”

– Ethel B., Georgetown

From a Pharmacist

“Acupuncture completes chiropractic and it’s all better than conventional medicine.”

– Lisa W., Georgetown

Feel Better

“I feel better all over – sleep is now okay- and I am more relaxed.”

– Michael B., Georgetown


“I fully trust Dr. Stephen, and I am expecting improvement.”

– Blynn M., Georgetown

Wrist Better

“I have less pain and more movement in my ‘stuck’ wrist. I also learned about proper walking and footwear for my exercise program.”

– Vicki C., Georgetown

Energy Increased

“My overall energy level has increase tremendously since I’ve been getting acupuncture. I sleep better and wake up easier. I also don’t get perfume-related headaches any more.”

– Karin B., Georgetown

Lower Back Better

“Since receiving acupuncture, my lower back feels better than it has in years so I sleep more soundly. And not sure if this was a coincidence or not, but my hot flashes have greatly reduced. I feel so much better!”

– Pat Z., Jarrell

Great to Feel Better

“It’s great to feel better and deal with less pain.”

–  Cindy A., Georgetown

Dreading Gone

“I haven’t been dreading waking up with neck pain – my neck feels much better.”

– Elaina R., Georgetown

Wife is Better

My wife’s arthritis required 2 prescription pain pills daily. After 2 acupuncture treatments, she has no need for them for two weeks. Magic!”

– Walter and Virginia B., Georgetown