Hip Tips for Healthy Hips

Let’s talk about a Hip Joint.  No, there’s not a new ‘edgy and now’ hip dance club in Georgetown. We’re talking about your actual hip joint.

Your hip is held together by the strongest ligament in the body (the iliofemoral ligament, for you Jeopardy! Fans).  This ligament is the reason you can be entertained by a trapeze artist swinging upside down by her knees without the bothersome worry of her torso plummeting to the ground. Add in the multi-directional ball and socket, and you have quite a hip joint indeed.

Despite its amazing design and strength, the hip socket can be hurt easier than you might think. About 25% of us will suffer mobility or chronic inflammation problems of the hip.

Hip Tips

  • Walking will keep your hips mobile and well lubricated:  Be sure to have good walking shoes and replace them every 6 months or so. Even though they may look perfectly fine, athletic shoes lose stability rather quickly and can make your knees and hips hurt.
  •  If you are a side sleeper:  Sleep with a pillow between your knees for good hip alignment.
  •  Never push things along the floor with your foot:  Yes, you have your arms full of laundry, and yes, your child left his backpack in the middle of the hallway. It seems like such an easy movement – it puts so much leverage into the hip’s capsular ligament, but it can create a painful and slowly healing injury.
  •  If you suffer a dull toothache type pain in your hip:  You may have trochanteric bursitis. Bursitis is often a symptom of alignment problems in the spine, pelvis or feet and is usually resolved with some chiropractic adjustments and related rehab.
  •  If you hurt all over your body including your hips:  The source of the problem is probably in your brain’s chemistry, where natural anti-inflammatory chemicals may have been disrupted. Acupuncture does an amazing job in restoring the body’s ability to deal with inflammation rather than having to rely on steroid shots and anti-inflammatory pills.

Keep your hips in great shape – you will need them in case Georgetown ever gets a cool dance club.